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Here is my Happy list

Hi babes, today I am sharing yet another few important tips with you on happiness. So whether the sun’s out or the rain is pouring down, my advice below always helps me to forget time and make the best out of my day. So if you're not really feeling up for it today, don’t worry; these tips are just what you need!

As every day is all about time and making the best of 24-hours, I teamed up with the upcoming brand Voilet Hamdem. The watches made by Violet are definitely timeless pieces and are a subtle reminder time is both precious and should be shared with our loved ones, or be filled with whatever makes you happy! Nowadays we seem to be focusing far to much on making our careers, with stress-levels being higher than ever. I think I speak for all of us when I see ‘let’s do something about this!’
The following tips stand higher on my happy-list:

1. Bake, make and eat some cake! 

Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked cookies in the kitchen. Want to know what makes your cooking experience even better?! One: put on some lounge/jazzy music (try Billy from the Drama Duo). Second: a bad-ass recipe for some pancakes, M&M cookies or chocolate chip. After you finish baking them, make yourself the perfect cappuccino and go enjoy those cookies!

2. Shopping
Who doesn’t become happy when shopping, right?! However, don't shop just for a rush just to buy ‘things’. This will only lead to ‘overshopping’ and a feeling of regret. If you go out shopping, shop to with the aim to find that one item you’ve been trying get your hands on for years. For instance, I have a little list on my phone that I take with me wherever and whenever I go. What’s on it you may ask; that perfect vintage levi's, a vintage Chanel bag, a cool cap for during the summer and a new pair of sunglasses. So if you finally find that perfect cap or demin jeans, you will be far happier than buying items you don’t really need.

However, what to do if you can't find that one perfect item? Don't get frustrated try and keep your head up - look at all the things you didn't buy and didn't needed! Also, the more jeans you try on the closer you will get to that perfect fit. Just a little tip, start looking online before you head into the stores. Make sure you know exactly what type of jeans (bag or sunglasses) you want. High waist, low waist, cut of, what type of blue and so on!

3. Organizing
Occasionally time is going so fast that you don't even remember what day it is (we’ve all been there). This can make definitely you go crazy! So, stop for a minute, take a notebook and write down everything you need to do, but also want to do. You start off with writing down high priorities. The further you go down below on the list, the more you find what also can be done tomorrow or later throughout the week. Now you have an entire overview. This way you will feel much more relaxed and organized!

Feeling organized, but the house is still a mess? Then and clean up first before you start doing other things. Done? You’ve definitely deserved some little me-time and go onto step 1, 2 or 5.

4. Movie night
Go on, call your BFF. Load up on snacks such as chocolate, popcorn, chips, pizza and other candy and set up a girls night. Pop on some face masks and watch mean girls all over again. More a fit-girl and really don't want to eat unhealthy snacks? Then search for some healthy variations on YouTube and make them beforehand. Of course you can even choose to make your own face masks. But remember, movie night is all about relaxing!

5. Doodle and doodle on.. 
Maybe you could have already guessed it but I am quite the creative mind over here. What's makes me the happiest? Writing, drawing, photographing or creating cool moodboards. Got nothing to write or create? Maybe you can start your own poetry album and buy a cool looking notebook use it! Or make a moodboard for a new style you want the pursue, make a photo collage or write a postcard to your friend instead of sending them a standard text message. The options are endless, just let your creativity flow!

Now you've red my happy-list, it's time to make your own. Tell me what makes you happy and start spending making the best of each moment!

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Made in corporation with Voilet Hamden

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