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Sundays are for shopping

Hi babes, this weekend I have a cool collaboration with NA-KD going on. In need of a discount code? Search no more..


Cozy Knits | Outfitpost

It's that time of the year again, hello knits, warm coats and big scarfs because winter is coming. This sweater is a 'must share' because it is so soft, so fluffy I would highly recommend it. Read more to find out where to buy...


The dress | outfitpost

For those who needed some extra details about this cute fancy summer dress..


Stach | Hotspot Amsterdam

Yes!! It's time to share a new hotspot babes. This one isn't only spread all over Amsterdam (and therefore easy to find). They have some special offers that will make every vegan-, glutenfree-, or sugarfree - diet very easy to follow. Let me tell you why ...


What's happening with Insta?

Hi babes, my DM box was exploding today after posting a message on Instagram (see below). Instead of posting all these Instagram Stories, I decided to post most common issues and solutions on my blog:


Here is my Happy list

Hi babes, today I am sharing yet another few important tips with you on happiness. So whether the sun’s out or the rain is pouring down, my advice below always helps me to forget time and make the best out of my day. So if you're not really feeling up for it today, don’t worry; these tips are just what you need!


the most famous burgers of Amsterdam | Hotspots

Wondering where you can get these delicious burgers? Well so did a whole bunch off other followers, because you babes kept sending me DM's. So here it is, a post about a little secret hotspot in Amsterdam with the most delicious hamburgers (yes, they do have a veggie edition as well).


Find out all my tommy secrets

Need to know where to get this jacket? Let me help you out! In this post I'll tell you what size I am wearing, where to get it and what type of model this jacket is (and whether it will be suitable for your body type!).


crispy banana chocolate pancakes

Here it is babes, how to make those delicious crispy banana pancakes you just saw on my Instagram stories. Best thing about this recipe? They are vegan too!


travel dair | the best beachclubs in Zandvoort

So here is a entire list off all the amazing beach places (near and around Zandvoort) you can visit. Because you babes have been asking me a lot where to go and I will be happy to give you a little more information:


Time to find that ultimate summer dress

Hi Babes, it's time to finally find that ultimate summer dress. Seems that you babes like the sunny outfits, which I get because boy is it easy to get dressed in the morning. Today I am shearing some of my favorite stores to find that perfect sunny outfit (including the one I am wearing):


Stardust answering time

Hi Babes, I received so many questions about my star-printed dress that I decided to lay it all out for you:


Hippie Fish | Hotspot Zandvoort

Desperate to find out where these perfect looking (crab)burgers come from? Let me tell you all about this place, because there is a new hotspot in town. 


Stripe hype

Hey babes, today we are going to talk about stripes. Classic, vertical, horizontal, big or small. Let me tell you what the hype is for this moment.


5 tips on how to wear leopard

Something that can be very tricky is wearing a leopard print. But oh boy when you get it right a leopard print will look more than amazing. Let me give you five tips on how to combine this on trend animal print. 


Glass house | Hotspot Noordwijk

Sorry, did you say: 'Beach' ? It's freezing! 

Well not at this place.. let me tell you about mine and my bestie's new favorite hotspot! Because she came here long before I did and she was all right about this one!


The tailored jacket

It is 'the' musthave for upcoming season. And even though it's snowing outside my mind is set on finding those perfect items for the next season. Find out more: ...


why am I craving?

Need some pizza, chocolate or french fries right know? Can't stop thinking about food? Craving all the time? Let me tell you what your type of craving means and how you can stop it! Here is some serious needed info:...


The fluffy bomber

Need some tips on how to style this fluffy bomber? Let me tell you: ...


Cafe Klatsch in Davos | Hotspot Switserland

This is where you need to go to when you are visiting Switzerland:

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