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Deep cleanse

Isn't that like.. putting just regular oil on your face? Well if that is what you think, you might need to read this article right away! 

This deep cleansing oil was gifted to me by my grandma. She sworn to it! But I have to say I was a little skeptical at first. Did I need this? And more importantly do you? 

Well here we go: first question and most important is when do I use this? That's a simple one; when taking off your makeup. Just pomp some oil in your hands en put in on your face. After massaging it in your face just rinse it off with some water. It is different then a face wash as it will not leave your skin dry but moist. Although I do use some regular face cream after I cleanse my face, for extra hydration.

The first time I used this oil it did felt a bit strange but it was so much easier to get off my mascara. Instead of using 10 different makeup wipes I just used my hands to really rub in the oil. But! One note: you do have to be careful when using this oil on your eyes. Don't rub it in too hard and make sure to use lot's of water to get it off, just to be save. 

Most important question: do I need to buy this? The answer- if you like something to take off your makeup quick and easy and you don't like to use any makeup remover first, then yes! This is a definitely recommendation. But if you don't like to use your hand to get off your makeup, dislike oil's or you hate using water then this one is a no go! 

One tip: after using this oil I do use one makeup wipe to remove the excess makeup from my skin, just to be sure. And for those with a very sensitive skin - this one is approved. I am the one to tell, because I have (as I believe) the most sensitive skin out there! 

Deep Cleansing Oil

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